Women's Day Live is a spectacular multi-venue benefit concert and an exciting social interactive live global media event that will use the power of music to connect millions of people worldwide to come together to lend a helping hand to women and children at this critical time in the world. Our aim is to bring a bold and more impactful way to deliver International Aid to women’s grass-roots organizations where it can have the most immediate impact in alleviating this looming humanitarian crisis.

The Big Picture and Event Overview

Situational Analysis. We are preparing to engage in an ambitious global effort with launching the spectacular Women’s Day Live concerts on 2 or 3 stages. Toronto and Mumbai and possibly New York City or Washington Mall. A beautifully orchestrated Ceremony celebrating the achievements and cultural diversity of women from all over the world will begin the Concert. As International Women’s Day is a national holiday in China, the Broadcast can open with a live ceremony in Beijing, China and move around the world to Mumbai and Toronto.

TORONTO. The Women’s Day Live Benefit Concert will broadcast live worldwide from the Air Canada Centre or Roger’s Centre. Each concert will broadcast nationally and enjoy a multi-screen global online streaming. A highlight International show will broadcast worldwide.

MUMBAI, INDIA. India’s legendary Bollywood stars will harness the power of media to inspire local celebrations of women and girls across the nation with an impetus for social change. See the breathtaking media campaign, featuring innovative social action campaigns leading up to the concert. Location: The Iconic Gates of India or MMRDA Grounds or NCSI Dome in Mumbai.

  • Gala at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. A Reception, in Delhi, potentially hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner.

A Live 24-Hour Telethon

The inaugural Women’s Day Live concert on International Women’s Day can be produced as a stand-alone stage which offers a digital platform for global engagement.

A live 24-hour Telethon will ignite the Power of the Digital Revolution, giving us a multi-screen experience of International Women’s Day celebrations and the biggest creative expression of women from around the world with “Women in a Day”. Date March 8th, 2018. TBA.

Create innovative technology platforms to organize Women’s Day Live events on International Women’s Day in cities across the world –easy upload of events and download our branding, media and tools.

Igniting a Movement: Global Advocacy – Digital Movement and Coalition Building

WDL offers unprecedented convening power and movement building to engage community and world leaders to accelerate the full participation of women and girls.   

  • Global Digital Movement Building strategy by Jason Mogus, who amalgamated 18 million online sign ups for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
  • World Leaders Commit to 'bold' actions to Achieve Gender Equality in 2015 with a major push over the next five years. Support UN Women’s “50/50: Step it Up for Gender Equality” Let’s make this ‘commitment’ happen.

Harness the Power of Media, Celebrity & Technology. Extended Reach of Concerts:
To create biggest live global interactive social networking event in history.

  • Leverage tens of millions in free media for PSA’s and Campaigns
  • Live stream, online telethon, digital home across all time zones and geographic areas
  • Historical record of music, stories, content, & feeling
  • NGO’s in 175 countries will join the movement building efforts


  1. Build an International Music Festival worldwide on International Women’s Day
  2. Globe-Spanning Philanthropy. Build a sustainable annual fund-raising model
    Bold Global Social Action Campaigns to put $$ in the hands of women for social impact
    Movement Building: Align women’s power, leadership & advocacy
  3. Ignite the Digital Revolution. Transformative Digital Media offering exponential Social Networking opportunity. Unprecedented collaboration technologies destined to transform online creativity, amplify self expression, story telling, content creation giving voice to women around the world.

END RESULT. INCREASED AWARENESS, IMPACT & FUNDING for women and girls to achieve our common goal for education, an end to violence, and equal opportunity. 


SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY TO IGNITE A MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE. Marrying the top down power of concerts, brands, celebrities, media and global institutions with the bottom up power of distributed global networks and small-scale local leaders is what will make this potentially a game-changing day in history.


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