Women's Day Live is a spectacular All-Star Global Benefit Concert that will celebrate the achievements of the women of the world on International Women`s Day, March 8th, 2018. The Concert will open with a beautifully orchestrated Ceremony celebrating the progress and cultural diversity of women from all over the world.

Join us for this inaugural all-out International Women’s Day celebration around the world. This day is celebrated annually in over 100 countries, with thousands of self-created events that take place annually all around the world. It is a national holiday in 35 countries including China, Russia, Rwanda.

This exciting first of its kind social interactive live global media event will use the power of music to open the heart of humanity to respond to the humanitarian crisis boldly and generously by lending a helping hand to women and children. The confluence of world events gives us a significant opportunity to use the power of music to bring the world together in stages across the time zones for what could be the most significant Humanitarian Campaign in history. A unifying day for humanity, of people helping people.


Celebrate the Power of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity

A Live 24-Hour Telethon

A live 24-hour Telethon will ignite the Power of the Digital Revolution, giving us a live multi-screen experience of International Women’s Day celebrations being posted live from around the world. This platform offers the biggest outpouring of creative expression of women and girls from around the world, and the men and boys who love them. An upbeat call to action by celebrities and visionary leaders will invite the public to put their heart in action and give generously.

We will offer an innovative technology platform to organize Women’s Day Live events and International Women’s Day celebrations in cities across the world –easy upload of events and download our branding, media and fund-raising tools. Celebrity talent, hosts and visionaries will inspire people world-wide to support their cause. Feature Live performances, Fashion shows, and select live Posts of video submissions coming in from women and girls all over the world for the Women’s Day Live film. Women’s Voices will ring out around the world on this day.


Transformational Change is possible and it is coming from Canada. This March 8, 2018 we will celebrate Canada’s historic investment in Women in the Grassroots.

Women’s Day Live will use the power of global media, celebrity, and technology to stimulate convening power and movement building for a global advocacy campaign on equality, equal pay, and accelerating investment in women and girl’s funds. Before the G7 in 2018, we will engage world leaders and local communities to announce their support.

In the 20th Century, Live Aid was a testament to the power of music to bring people together for a common cause. Actualizing the equal status of women and girls is the most profound imperative of the 21st century. As Mother Theresa said, “Nothing worth doing is accomplished alone”.

In 2019, it will be the Centennial of Women in Canada having the vote. 2020 will be the Centennial of Women in the U.S. having the vote. This is our time.

The Big Picture and Event Overview

Situational Analysis. We are preparing to engage in an ambitious global effort to bring the world together from  stages across the time zones. At it’s most ambitious, we can open the live 24-hour broadcast with a ceremony in China, on to India, England, Toronto with links to live self-created local celebrations. International Women’s Day is a national holiday in China and Rwanda, where annual celebrations take place. It is highly popular in India with celebrations across the country, and that is the case in Europe as well.

MUMBAI, INDIA STAGE. The Times Group, the most powerful media group in India, is interested in being our media and production partner. India’s legendary Bollywood stars will harness the power of media to inspire local celebrations of women and girls across the nation with an impetus for social change. See the breathtaking media campaign, featuring innovative social action campaigns leading up to the concert. Location: The Iconic Gates of India or MMRDA Grounds or NCSI Dome in Mumbai.

Women’s Day Live offers a new approach to Global Philanthropy

Our goal is to bring a bold and more impactful way to deliver International Aid to women’s grass-roots organizations where it can have the most immediate short and long term impact. Six major Women’s Funds will be beneficiaries. We will build this day into one of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world offering a sustainable fund-raising platform that keeps on giving back to the future every year on International Women’s Day.


SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY TO IGNITE A MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE. Marrying the top down power of concerts, brands, celebrities, media and global institutions with the bottom up power of distributed global networks and small-scale local leaders is what will make this potentially a game-changing day in history.



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