Women all over the world expressing their voice, their power, their leadership.

We are poised to launch the Women’s Day Live documentary now with your help.

Women’s Day Live Film: A  orchestrated global ‘co-creation call-out’ will invite women and girls all over the world to get ready to submit their stories, their music, their videos - in one 24-hour period. The rich cultural diversity of women's stories from around the world will create a historic experience —what it’s like to be a woman and girl alive in the world today. These self-generated videos, will result in a theatrical feature documentary –  The Women’s Day Live Film – for worldwide broadcast in 2020. Renown directors from multiple countries will be commissioned to do shorts.

Together we can harness the power of media, celebrity and technology to give voice to the women and girls of the world !!!!!  All approved NGO’s can use the film to raise funds to accelerate the education and empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

You will receive gifts, recognition and VIP benefits, which are being formulated now. Join an ambitious global effort to champion the tremendous potential of women and girls.

One-time Donation

Foundational Investment Levels

* A 501 C Charitable receipt is available through our PBS partner, CPTV in the U.S..

  • Co-Founder
$ 1,000,000  
  • Visionary
$ 500,000  
  • Champion
$ 250,000  
  • Trailblazer
$ 100,000  
  • Activist
$ 50,000  
  • Advocate
$ 25,000  
  • Change Maker
$ 10,000  
  • Braveheart
$ 5,000  
  • Evolutionary
$ 2,500  
  • Movement Leader
$ 1,000  
Be a Visionary. Become a Charter Member.
  • Become a lifetime members of the prestigious Visionary Founders Circle. Limited to five. Executive Producer Credit. 
  • Become a Member of the Champion Founders Circle. Limited to five. Co-Executive Producer Credit
  • Donors of $50,000+ to $100,000+ join the Trailblazer Founders Circle. Associate Producer credit.
For a 501 C charitable tax receipt in the U.S, please make cheques payable to CPTV. Indicate the cheque is for WOMEN'S DAY LIVE.
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Your generous tax-deductible gift will help produce a historic global celebration of women's achievements and the HEART IN ACTION Global Humanitarian Campaign with the film’s launched and worldwide broadcast and release in March 2019 destined to be the most significant humanitarian campaign in modern history.

For Questions regarding Sponsorship or your donation, contact Lili Fournier at lili@womensdaylive.com
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If you need a charitable tax receipt, please make cheques payable to CPTV. Indicate the cheque is for WOMEN'S DAY LIVE.
See electronic banking information below.
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Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.
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