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The Women’s Day Live Global Heart in Action Humanitarian Campaign will create a multi-media digital campaign  across the world, to engage people to put their heart in action in making this one day the biggest give back day in modern history. The mobile opportunity in India and worldwide is breathtaking. All NGO’s can participate in the campaign and benefit.


India holds strong growth potential in e-commerce and is being touted as a trillion dollar opportunity. Goldman Sachs reports, the Indian e commerce market will be around $228 billion by 2030. India’s current e-commerce market which will see $120 billion revenue by 2020.

Amazon recently announced a huge $3 billion fresh investment in India. We were thrilled to discover the same concept of “A Woman’s Day” with “Single Day in China” which proves our case. Singles Day in China is the world’s biggest online shopping day of the year on Nov 11th. Chinese consumers spent five times more than Americans spent during Cyber Monday. In 2009, Alibaba – spotted a commercial opportunity in this celebration of singlehood. They went from 1 billion sales to approx. 14 billion this past year.

We invite Alibaba and Amazon, and all retailers and corporations to offer a percentage of proceeds on this one day to empower girls and women worldwide with education. We have this singular opportunity to galvanize women and men worldwide with our media campaigns to support “Celebrate a Woman’s Day”. The 24 hour Women’s Day Live Telethon will show highlights of a shopping channel promoting merchandize and featuring great fashion shows.

The Digital Mobile Opportunity worldwide is breathtaking.

Invite GSMA which represents nearly 800 mobile operators worldwide, to support the Campaign with their Connected Women’s program. Successfully targeting women not only advances women’s digital and financial inclusion, but unlocks significant growth potential with usage: an estimated $170 billion market opportunity for the mobile industry in the period from 2015 to 2020.


There has never been greater International attention being given to the great need and importance of empowering and advancing the equality of women and girls in the world today.

The Women’s Day Live platform offers unprecedented convening power to aggregate a global coalition - bringing together visionary world leaders, NGOs, governments, celebrities, corporations, technology, telecommunications and global media platforms and the power of the people to accelerate the social, economic and political participation of women and girls—the key to global economic growth and many of the critical issues facing humanity today.
Turning Vision into Action

On the 108th anniversary of International Women’s Day, we will create a powerful trans-media campaign about the key issues in women’s lives, with a call to action to implement 21st Century Solutions for improved outcomes.

Women’s Day Live’s global social action campaign, propelled by the power of music, celebrity, and the global media, will catalyze a series of real-world events in countries around the world, backed by strong public relations and advertising campaigns.

Our extraordinary team will design a digital campaign that is high-profile and media-savvy, but also open-source to grow capacity and connections among existing and future leaders in this movement. We will help to create global and local systems that are better off in terms of financial, social and human capital.

Imagine Women’s Empowerment Initiative. A Game Changer 
Scale up the IMAGINE Women’s Empowerment Initiative, currently in 12 countries showing 3 times improved income, 10 times improved health. See Measureable IMPACT


  1. Build an International Music Festival worldwide on International Women’s Day
  2. Globe-Spanning Philanthropy. Build a sustainable annual fund-raising model
    Bold Global Social Action Campaigns to put $$ in the hands of women for social impact
    Movement Building: Align women’s power, leadership & advocacy
  3. Ignite the Digital Revolution. Transformative Digital Media offering exponential Social Networking opportunity. Unprecedented collaboration technologies destined to transform online creativity, amplify self expression, story telling, content creation giving voice to women around the world.

Women’s Day Live will become an annual event that will spark international attention and globe-spanning philanthropy.


All of us united and working together is the great hope for the future. The end result will be greatly increased Awareness, Impact and Funding for women and girls worldwide to achieve our goal for universal education, end to violence and equality for women and girls.

International Women’s Day, March 8th, celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. It is a national holiday in 35 countries, including Rwanda, Russia and China and is celebrated in 100+ countries. Thousands of self-created events take place annually.

“Women’s Day Live offers a historic opportunity to take the lead on a bold initiative that can
be very effective in mobilizing resources and
impact national and global policy”
See letter

The UN estimates that seven out of ten of the world's hungry are girls or women. When you empower a girl or a woman, she becomes a catalyst, of positive change that lift up everyone around her.

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