Date: 22 November 2017

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UN Women joins forces with Women’s Day Live, a bold Canadian Women’s Empowerment Initiative to Advance Women’s Global Economic Empowerment

 World Leaders and Business and Philanthropy Leaders Join a Global Coalition to help UN Women Scale up
Global Engagement to Accelerate Gender Equality


We have been passionately committed to achieving the dream of Women’s Day Live - to harness the power of global media, celebrity and technology to accelerate the equality and the economic empowerment of women worldwide with a fierce urgency for years. We believe in miracles! It my privilege to share with you the exciting news that Live Nation Canada, a world leader in live entertainment will produce the inaugural Women’s Day Live concert.

We are poised to launch the Women’s Day Live, (WDL) Global Benefit Concert to broadcast live worldwide from the Air Canada Centre on March 8, 2018 to celebrate a historic milestone for women. This day is celebrated in over 100 countries. See interim video.

WOMEN OF THE WORLD UNITE! We are thrilled to announce that UN WOMEN will be making a  global call to action to invite women and men in cities and countries across the world to join us for this Benchmark International Women’s Day celebration on March 8. A unifying day for humanity to celebrate the power of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity.

We are honored that UN WOMEN has committed to collaborate with this bold and exciting initiative, through the leveraging of its global convening power and access to key stakeholders.

On this day, March 8, a global co-creation call-out will give voice to women worldwide for a 24- hour day.

If women tell their stories, the world’s heart will break open. This is a historic snapshot of the world’s women and girls. We welcome your support for the Women’s Day Live – Stories of Us film at this time for a very time sensitive launch. Let us know if your passion for change moves you to help share the crowd funding campaign for the film with your community.

The fact that transformational change is possible during these challenging times and it is coming from Canada is breathtaking!

The mission is to galvanize unprecedented investment in women and girls. Promises keep being made for bold actions and nothing happens. With the Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign we can create the biggest give-back day in in modern history. By making this day the biggest online shopping day in the world and by inviting corporate world leaders worldwide to donate a % of annual profits to women in the grassroots where it can have real world impact. Overview see PP.  

History in the Making. Canada has stepped up as the gender equity leader on the world stage with its historic investment in women and girls in the grassroots. This has never been done before. It is a game-changer. Furthermore, in 2018 the entire world will be riveted on Canada as it hosts the G7 Summit, when Prime Minister Trudeau will put the issue of gender equality front row centre.

Let us seize this historic opportunity to spearhead a global call to action to invite world leaders to also put women and girls at the heart of their International Development Strategy. This could mean moving billions into the hands of women and girls in the years to come.  

This is Live Aid Women. Global reach. Local Impact. UN Women is “inspired by the vision for Women’s Day Live as a global social action campaign for women and girls globally”. Launching this benchmark annual International Women’s Day celebration will build a sustainable annual fund-raising and global advocacy platform which will create a lasting legacy.

If you have resources to give, talent to share, leadership to offer, the time to do it is now. The world is aching for our help. We invite you to step up for this spectacular celebration of women and first-of-its-kind immersive global social networking event to connect people around the world to support Canada’s ambitious global leadership effort to champion the potential of women and girls. 

We have a first-class team that will deliver a spectacular live global-mega shed event. Women’s Day Live will become a valuable Global Humanitarian Franchise that can grow into one of the popular International Music Festivals in the world, one that keep giving back to the future every year.

Actualizing the equal status of women and girls is the most profound imperative of the 21st century. It’s going to take all of us working together in a powerful collaboration to seize this unprecedented opportunity. On March 8, 2018 women’s voices will ring out around the world!


Lili Fournier

Business and Philanthropy Leaders have joined forces with UN WOMEN to advance gender equality. 

“Participants have all agreed that empowering women is central to addressing the 21st century’s global challenges such as poverty, inequality, and violence. Yet, deep financing gaps for women and girls pose significant barriers and deter progress. I call on both current and potential partners to join this movement to drive the transformative changes needed”.

Lili Fournier is an Activist, Philanthropist, and the award winning producer, director and host of the Quest series of specials on PBS, that featured an unprecedented gathering of some of the world’s leading business and spiritual leaders and best-selling authors on achieving success with significance. Her shows raised millions for PBS’s fund raising drives and inspired the lives of millions of people to achieve their human potential.


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