Join the Greatest Global Gathering of Women in World History.

Our Time is Now.

What is Women’s Day Live?

Women’s Day Live (WDL) is a 24 hour live Global Multi-Venue Benefit Concert featuring performances and International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations happening around the world. IWD is celebrated in over 150 countries annually.

This epic International Women’s Day Live mega-shed entertainment extravaganza will capture the airwaves giving voice to women and girls worldwide. Artists, visionaries, corporate and world leaders are invited to join a united effort to kick start a Global campaign to implement a bold Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative to accelerate progress towards equality for women and girls, and to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Women’s Day Live will harness the power of music, the global media and celebrity to open the heart of humanity to help feed hungry children and their families. We will make a Global Call to action for world leaders to put women and children at the very heart of international economic recovery efforts.

All of us in the world who passionately support women and girls are extremely concerned by the tragic setback that this Global Humanitarian crisis is having, a potential setback of generations. We must not let that happen. This means standing up for the rights of women in Afghanistan too.

Ignite a United Global Effort to Champion Women & Girls

This is Live Aid WomenGlobal Engagement. Local Impact. WDL offers community connection which is at the heart of live music. Live Aid proved the power of music to bring people together for a common cause. It had 40 simultaneous telethons.

The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign will inspire people to “play music for change” and create virtual concerts/telethons to help their Nation’s Charities which are facing unprecedented hardships in the worst Humanitarian crisis in history. All charities can use our platform and campaign for their benefit.

Innovative Globe Spanning Philanthropy. Global Mobile will be huge. The CMO of the GSMA, a coalition of the Worldwide Mobile Communications industry thinks “a global music event is a fantastic idea. “Really a stroke of brilliance!” 750 mobile global operators could help mobilize a powerful mobile fund-raising campaign to feed the hungry. This is historic. Never been done before

The Benefit will support Food Banks, the World Food Programme and Women’s Grassroots Funds where it is proven to have the greatest impact. They urgently need our support.

We invite the visionary leadership of the World’s leading digital music players, Music Stars, Corporate Leaders, Technology, Media and Entertainment companies and NGOs to join a united global effort to combat global hunger which is sweeping the world with a devastating impact on women and children. We invite you to save lives and invest in their future. Women’s Day Live can only happen with your support. See Interim WDL video

This is a defining moment for humanity

Make this the Biggest Give Back Day in History. Biggest Shopping Day.

We can convene the world’s beauty and fashion industry for a live 24-hour Hollywood Telethon and Livestream Shopping Festival bringing world fashion, culture and music together to captivate the world’s imagination with the beauty, wisdom and power of women worldwide.

Global Market. Catapult Livestream Shopping on the world stage. Make International Women’s Day the biggest shopping day of the year, by engaging with all the global brands and digital media platforms, including Taobao and Amazon. This day has seen expansive e-commerce growth in China for global brands and is also wildly popular in India, U.S., and the world.

Help Mobilize a Bold Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative
When Women and Girls Succeed the World Prospers

Women are the most potent force for global economic growth. The world knows this. Help unleash the entrepreneurial power of women worldwide with the Women Aid International Pledge Fund, a micro-finance fund modeled on Grameen Bank America. Women need the power of resources. As Gandhi said, “Poverty is the worst form of violence” That means we tackle the inequality that keeps people poor. We need the world’s powerful economic players at the table.

United Impact. Together we can lead the digital revolution in innovation with a vision of the possible future. If we can stand together now, in a shared resolve we can be such a powerful force for change. Unless we light a fire for an effective Global Economic Recovery Plan to respond to the Global Hunger and Poverty crisis, with a focus on women and children, nothing will change.

Inequality is a killer, causing the deaths of at least one person every four seconds. Women and girls are the poorest people on the face of this planet. Urgent Action is needed now. You can tell a great deal about a civilization and what it values by where it puts its money. Are we worth it yet?

Women’s Day Live will help align women’s voices, power and leadership to create an annual sustainable fund-raising initiative and global advocacy platform as a catalyst for real change. We can build it to become one of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world that keeps giving back to the future ever year.

We invite your visionary leadership to join us in a dynamic partnership to make history. Working together is the only great hope for the future.

Lili Fournier produced the award-winning Quest on PBS. It played a leading role in pioneering the Human Potential movement on broadcast TV.

The World March of Women marched in 159 countries in 2000 and barely made the news. Again in 2005, and it did not make the news at all, even after she personally met with all the major news networks.

She helped put International Women’s Day on the map in North America, which was not well known at the time, with her 3 Hour Women of Wisdom and Power specials and 2 Hours live from WLIW, N.Y. celebrating women’s leadership. See Excerpt from Women of Wisdom & Power

She saw the power of media as a catalyst for change and made a Vow to dedicate her life to achieving Women’s Day Live, a sustainable annual International Women’s Day Benefit to mobilize a global movement for women’s and girl’s empowerment. She realized that educated and empowered women were the solution to safeguarding the future of democracy which she saw was going to be under attack.

She has traversed the world and figuratively climbed every mountain since 2010, coming close 4 times. She will never give up on her dream until Women’s Day Live happens.

“It’s time for an equal playing field. This waiting game is getting old. It’s time to take matters into our hands. We have to realize that we have huge collective power. Let’s turn action into impact.”

Antonio Gutteres (UN) said the world is hungering for international co-operation. The future is in our hands.

Working together we can make the impossible dream possible.

Patron Archbishop Desmond Tutu of Blessed Memory

Tribute to WDL Patron Archbishop Desmond Tutu


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