A world class team is poised to produce Women’s Day Live, a spectacular Global Benefit Concert to broadcast live worldwide on March 8th. Join us to celebrate a historic milestone for women on International Women’s Day. An exciting telethon at a Hollywood stage will showcase performers, visionaries and live posts of International Women’s Day celebrations, giving voice to the rich cultural diversity of women from around the word. The world’s legendary stars will spark globe spanning philanthropy, inviting people to put their Heart in Action to benefit 6 global women’s funds. The need is great.

Louis. J. Horvitz will direct (Grammys, Live Aid). Facebook, excited by this opportunity forglobal engagement and meaningful global impact will help us create the largest live immersive global social networking event and Global Humanitarian campaign in modern history.

The Women of the World unite to use their collective power to make a bold global call to action to world leaders to put the power of money into women’s grassroots funds, where real change happens. This threshold moment offers a historic opportunity for change - a sterling legacy, a gift of progress we can make for the women of the world.

History in the Making. We have this once in a lifetime opportunity in the lead up to the G7 Summit to change the future course of history for the world’s women and girls. This one change in global policy could potentially move BILLIONS into the hands of women in the years to come. Will you step up help achieve women’s empowerment in the short and long term? Time for change. Time for action. The time is now.


Canada has stepped up as the Gender Equality leader on the world stage with a historic investment in women of $150 million dollars. This is a game-changer. Canada has a historic moment of influence as it hosts the G7 Summit on June 8th, when Prime Minister Trudeau will put the issue of women’s equality front row center.

The world’s women are on fire! Let us harness this potent power with a single-minded focus to put the power of money into the hands of women. UN Women said it would use its global convening power to help lead this movement to accelerate investment in women & girls by inviting world nations to also put women at the heart of their International Development strategy as Canada just did. Right now only 2% of International Aid makes it into the hands of women’s grassroots organizations.

End Result will be real world impact to achieve our common goal for education, an end to sexual violence and equality. This is a pivotal moment we cannot afford to miss.

Here we go, 2018! Year of the Global Woman! Ride the wave. Be a Trailblazer.

On June 8th, the first day of the G7 Summit we will spearhead another global social call to action campaign that will have women’s voice ring out around the world.

Time to act more boldly that ever before and make women’s dreams come true. On June 8, 2018 women’s voices will ring out around the world! A Global co-creation call out will invite women and girls worldwide to share their stories on one day for the Women’s Day Live “Stories of Us” feature film to release in 2019. This interactive multi-media project built from user-generated content directed by you will present a snapshot of the world’s women and girls at this watershed moment in history. They share their daring and creative vision for the future they want, and a bold global call to action to world leaders to commit to change.

Witness THRILLING and momentous Global Leadership. Witness a true story giving the power of voice to women and girls worldwide on June 8th. The world will be listening. On this first day of the G7 Summit world leaders will know women mean business. Now is the time.


Together We Can Create the Biggest World Give Back Day in History. Harness the power of global media, celebrity, & technology to build a sustainable annual fund-raising and global advocacy platform every year on International Women’s Day. This Live Global Mega-shed event offers Global engagement and Global connectivity to develop and create:

  • Launch the Global Heart in Action Humanitarian Campaign to raise funds from the pubic
  • Make this day the biggest online shopping day in the world, like Singles Day in China (25 billion)
  • Invite corporate world leaders to donate a % of annual profits to women in the grassroots.
  • And fund the Global expansion of the IT’S NEVER OKAY campaign to stop sexual violence

Our collective vision and passion for change and social innovation can inspire world leaders to be agents of change. Taking bold action now will ensure the success of UN Women’s 50/50 by 2030 goal to achieve gender equality.


We invite you to step up for this spectacular celebration of women and first-of-its-kind immersive global social networking event to support Canada’s ambitious global leadership effort to champion the potential of women and girls. Empower women. Change the world.


It’s Time for a New Era for Women. "A study looking at 70 countries …found that women’s grassroots movements were more effective at advancing policy change…–particularly on violence against women–than most other factors. In 2018 that will mean challenging ourselves to do a better job of finding and funding grassroots women’s movements. Right now, less than 2% of global funding for gender issues goes to local women’s organizations." Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



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