The Cause of Women and Girls is the Moral Imperative of the 21st Century.

Given the tragic urgency of what is the most severe Global Hunger Crisis in modern history, we invite the World’s Talent, leading digital Music Players, Corporate Leaders, Technology, Media and Entertainment companies, NGO’s and world leaders to join a united global effort to help save lives. You have the profound power to transform the future for the world’s women and children.

As a visionary force in technology and the global entertainment business you will recognize this once in a lifetime opportunity to orchestrate the most exciting global music event in history for a live worldwide broadcast.

Music’s biggest stars will use the power of music to bring the heartbeat of the world together in a global campfire to show we care and to share our common humanity, something we desperately need now.



We have the opportunity to create three powerful HEART IN ACTION GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN campaigns in the coming year. All Charities can use our branding, platform and fund-raising campaigns to help raise urgently needed funding to feed hungry children and their families. Make this Humanity’s finest hour.

The first-of-its-kind Global Digital Music Festival will use the power of music, celebrity and technology to open the heart of humanity to care for the world’s women and children. Be a part of this heartfelt global cultural movement to bring the International Community together to stand up for the world’s women and girls. We are at a critical crossroads. Most great instigations of social change have come from having dealt with devastation. This is our defining moment as a human family.