We stand poised with a once in a lifetime opportunity to herald in a new era for women and girls. Join us to celebrate a historic milestone for women on International Women’s Day. A world class team is poised to produce Women’s Day Live (WDL), a spectacular Multi-Venue Global Benefit Concert and Global Heart in Action Humanitarian Campaign to broadcast live worldwide on March 8th, on International Women’s Day. A day that is celebrated in over 100 countries, on which thousands of self-created events take place annually.

The proposed host cities are Toronto, Mumbai and Los Angeles/New York. The Legendary Louis. J. Horvitz (Grammys, Oscars, Live Aid) is expected to direct. The Times Group is our media and production partner in India.

Our mission is to launch a united global effort to galvanize unprecedented investment in the education and empowerment of women and girls.

Hollywood and Bollywood’s legendary stars will use the power of music, media and technology to bring the heart-beat of the world together to spark globe-spanning philanthropy to create the Biggest Give Back Day in the world to lend a caring hand during this severe global humanitarian crisis. Let us open the heart of humanity to the plight of women and children who are largely the face of poverty.

This live-global mega shed music extravaganza offers global connectivity and global engagement to power the movement for change. Cities, Countries and Ngo’s can do their own Women’s Day Live satellite events with our fund-raising platform, tools and branding to support charities for women and children. An exciting telethon at a Hollywood stage will showcase live posts of celebrations taking place worldwide. This is a threshold moment in history for women. Time for change. Time for action. The time is now.



Our goal is to galvanize a unified global effort between philanthropy, government, business and public engagement to accelerate unprecedented levels of investment in women and girls, with a clear focus on education, micro-finance, an end to violence, and equal opportunity. This exciting initiative offers an annual sustainable model of development that could aggregate billions in assets in the years to come to become the largest women-focused grassroots fund in the world. Funds will be disbursed to major women’s grassroots funds worldwide.

The innovative roadmap we propose could help counter the dangerous rise in wealth disparity and inequality. We invite you to help spark a united global effort to exponentially expand women’s economic empowerment and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of women worldwide. Witness a true story giving the power of voice to women and girls worldwide.

Here we go, 2021! Year of the Global Woman! Ride the wave. Be a Trailblazer.

Together We Can Create the Biggest Give Back Day in the World.

The confluence of world events gives us a historic opportunity to celebrate women’s leadership and 100 years of progress for women for the Centennial Celebration of the women’s vote in America in 2020. We will showcase the highlights of this Centennial year in 2021!

2020 also marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, where world leaders pledged to remove systematic barriers for women. These promises, UN Women says, remain largely unfilled. Promises to women are made. Promises to women are broken.

UN Women announced a global campaign to bring women’s rights and empowerment to the forefront. It’s campaign “Generation Equality: Realizing women’s rights for an equal future” will catalyze global actions on gender equality.

2021 is thus a pivotal year to accelerate the empowerment of women & girls worldwide. It will be THRILLING to see momentous Global Leadership take place to address the issue of Women’s Equality. It’s time to keep promises to women. If not at this critical time in history, then when?


Women’s Day Live will harness the power of global media, celebrity, & technology to build a sustainable annual fund-raising and global advocacy platform on International Women’s Day, a day that keeps giving back to the future every year. WDL could grow to become one of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world. This Live Global Mega-shed event offers Global engagement and Global connectivity to:

  • Launch the Global Heart in Action Humanitarian Campaign to raise funds from a worldwide audience
  • Create the biggest online shopping day in the world. Alibaba’s Singles Day in China sales record racked up $30.8 billion in 24 hours.
  • Invite corporate world leaders to donate 1% of annual profits to women in the grassroots.
  • Invite world governments to put Women at the heart of their International Development Agenda

Canada  stepped up as the Gender Equality leader on the world stage in 2018 with a historic investment in women’s grassroots funds where it is proven to have the greatest impact. The other G7 nations pledged to also put women at the heart of their International Development Agenda. Till now, less than 2% of International Aid went to women. This was a game-changer. President Macron of France,host of the G7 Summit in 2019 tried to continue the Feminist Agenda. The question remains whether pledges will be honored. The U.S. is hosting the G7 in 2020. Let us harness our collective power with a single-minded focus with a global advocacy campaign to ensure that global leaders keep their pledge to put the power of money into the hands of women’s grassroots funds.

We have this once in a lifetime opportunity to change the future course of history for the world’s women and children. This one change in national and global policy could potentially move BILLIONS into the hands of women in the years to come. Will you step up help achieve women’s empowerment in the short and long term?

End Result will be real world impact to achieve our common goal for education, an end to sexual violence, and equality. This is a pivotal moment we cannot afford to miss.


We invite you to step up for this spectacular celebration of women and first-of-its-kind immersive global social networking event to champion women and girls.

WDL offers un-precedented convening power for collective action at this critical time. We invite World leaders, NGOs, Corporate, Technology and Global media platforms, the Music and Entertainment industry, Celebrities and UN Women to use their convening power to help lead a united global effort to achieve the potential of women and girls.

“The lack of serious funding is a major barrier to achieving significant progress for women and girls. We call on all potential partners to join a united global movement to drive the transformative changes we want to achieve at this defining and consequential moment in history."

Lili Fournier, Founder of Women’s Day Live

Women’s Day Live can help ignite global actions to create a game-changing day in world history. WDL will give celebrity talent, brands and storytellers new opportunities across digital, mobile and social platforms to make their mark in exciting new disruptive ways to maximize audience engagement for meaningful collective action.

Global Movement Building. Our collective vision and passion for change and social innovation will inspire, catalyze and energize a series of real-world events in multiple countries, backed by strong public relations and advertising campaigns, all with the purpose of growing interconnections  to support a global systems change.

WDL will be a true testament to the power of music to bring people together for a common cause. We invite world leaders to keep their pledge to realizing women’s rights for an equal future. Taking bold action now will ensure the success of UN Women’s 50/50 by 2030 goal to achieve gender equality.

Join us for a day of unity to celebrate diversity, equality and equal opportunity. Bringing a new vision of hope for humanity.


Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji, Ph.D
Co-Founder Women's Day Live India
Divine Shakti Foundation

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Nobel Peace Laureate
Women's Day Live Patron

Lili Fournier
Women's Day Live Founder

Kim Campbell
Women's Day Live Co-Chair
Former Prime Minister of Canada

It’s Time for a New Era for Women. "A study looking at 70 countries …found that women’s grassroots movements were more effective at advancing policy change…–particularly on violence against women–than most other factors. In 2020 that will mean challenging ourselves to do a better job of finding and funding grassroots women’s movements. Right now, less than 2% of global funding for gender issues goes to local women’s organizations." Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation