All Charities can join the Festival, and create concerts and telethons to raise funds using our branding and Heart in Action Fund-Raising Toolkits and Campaigns.


Imagine a live global mega-shed entertainment extravaganza –a historic benefit concert with performances from International Artists streaming in from around the world.

We invite your visionary leadership with the greatest urgency to realize this dream of changing the future course of history for the world’s women and girls.


"Giving is a Given".- Jay Penske

The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign offers year long innovative globe-spanning philanthropy to create the BIGGEST Give Back Movement in history.


Live Aid proved the power of music to bring people together for a common cause. It was the most important humanitarian event of the 20th century. The 16 Hours of Rock and Roll was seen in 110 countries. It was one of the largest television broadcasts of all time; an estimated audience of over 1 billion watched the live broadcast.

40 of these nations held simultaneous telethons. Live Aid’s biggest impact was influencing a great outpouring of International Development Aid. We will do that.

Never have sources of funding been more urgently needed. Non-Profits are facing a state of emergency. WDL offers innovative globe-spanning philanthropy to create the biggest live global interactive social networking event in history. From Live streams, telethons, to digital homes across all time zones and geography. All NGO’s and countries can join the Festival, using WDL Branding, and its fund-raising platform to benefit their charities.

“When we women join forces, our momentum will be unstoppable”.  - Mika Brzezinski

That time is now. Working together is the only great hope for the future. Our rights, our lives, our future depends on it. Women’s Day Live will continue to give back to the future every year. It is a rich legacy that will outlive us all.


We will create the BIGGEST Give Back Movement in history and the Biggest Shopping Day in the world. Alibaba did it with Singles Day in China. This day became the largest physical retail and online shopping day in the world. hosts a Singles' Day festival as well, bringing the Chinese total to 191 billion.

Heart in Action – Give Back Campaign. We will invite retailers and global brands to give a % of revenues to the Campaign.

International Women’s Day has seen exponential e-commerce growth in China for global brands. We can spread their ‘gift giving’ custom on this day to countries worldwide to ‘celebrate her’. We will catapult Livestream Shopping on the world stage to make it the biggest shopping day of the year, engaging with all the global brands and digital media platforms. See Synopsis

Let us convene the world’s beauty and fashion industry to bring world fashion, culture and music together to captivate the world’s imagination with the beauty, wisdom and power of women worldwide.

Imagine! A powerful social media activation from global influencers and the Worldwide Telecommunications Industry.

Make International Impact. Help Build a Global Humanitarian Franchise with a Worldwide Footprint to deliver solutions together.

The GSMA said “a global music event is a fantastic idea.” Their ecosystem of 750 mobile operators worldwide can help mobilize a global mobile fund-raising campaign to feed the hungry. This is historic. It’s never been done.

We met with the marketing team and the CMO at the GSMA, which represents the Worldwide Mobile Communications industry. They also said” To use mobile for micro donations through a carrier…is really a stroke of brilliance!”. “It could be a ground-breaking event”. Imagine a truly connected universe!  We can touch the hearts of everyone in the world to step up and help.

Imagine the invaluable digital assets. This will help achieve the potential of the digital revolution!


Gandhi said, “poverty is the worst form of violence”. Why are women and girls the poorest people on the planet? This is our moment of truth as a human family. This is a choice we’ve made as a society. Its time to change it.

If ever the world needed the courage to stand up for the rights and welfare of women and children, it is now.  We are not going back. If we don’t act now, women and girls progress will be set back generations. Tens of millions of women and girls have fallen into poverty. Hundreds of millions of girls will become child brides and sold into slavery. We cannot allow this to happen. Not on our watch. We can no longer turn a blind eye.

Help start a wave around the world to champion and support the World’s Women and Girls.  Nothing will change without the globe's biggest economic winners willing to make impact investing a priority to drive this mission for systemic change.



"We can tell a great deal about a civilization and what it values by where it puts its money. Are we worth it yet?." - Lili Fournier

The Heart In Action Global Humanitarian Franchise can become HUGE. It can be Like Giving Tuesday which “became a global movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities. Giving Tuesday has a global presence through 75 countries, mobilizing their countries around generosity and shared humanity.

In each country, a team of entrepreneurial leaders work with their own ecosystems of communities, non-profits, platforms, religious institutions, families, schools, and private sector partners to drive increased giving, connection, and innovation. This is their 10th anniversary. They have raised 10 Billion to date.

The HEART IN ACTION CAMPAIGN will continue to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and make a huge global splash to achieve its charity and fundraising goals for the World Girls Day Benefit Concert, an epic International Girl’s Day Music Festival on October 11, 2024. International Girl’s Day was founded by the UN and Canada.  Canada lights up its buildings in pink in cities across the country. We will inspire the world to light up the world for the girl child, so she too may achieve her dreams, that she so richly deserves.