As Gandhi said, “Poverty is the worst form of violence”.

Actualizing equal opportunity and advancing the rights and freedom of women and girls is the most profound moral imperative of the 21st century. Years of preparation and effort comes down to a single heartbeat in which one makes the impossible dream possible.

Let us implement a collaboration with a clear Global target, like the mission of going to the moon and back in one generation.The entire world has signed up to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and make equality a reality by 2030. At this rate nothing will happen. Nothing will change without the globe’s biggest economic winners to help drive this mission.

We invite the World’s Stars, Leading Digital music players, Corporate Leaders, Technology, Media and Entertainment companies and NGOs to join a united global effort to combat global hunger which is sweeping the world with a devastating impact on women and children.

Simply put women and children are the poorest people on the earth. It’s time to tackle the root causes of poverty. You can tell a great deal about a civilization about what it values by where it puts its money.

A Global Call to Action to World Leaders to Invest in the Future of Women and Girls

This momentous International Women’s Day Celebration will tap the enormous potential of this pivotal moment in history to drive progressive change by giving women the tools and resources to help themselves. None of us can accomplish this alone. People in power can no longer look away.

Commit to a Social, Political and Economic Strategy for Women’s Empowerment

Ignite a Global Movement to put Women and Children at the Heart of Global Economic Recovery plans and International Development Aid.

  1. Call to Action to World Leaders at G7 Summit in May, 2023, at the Mother’s Day Benefit Concert to put Women and Children at the Heart of Economic Recovery Efforts
  2. Continue the Call to Action to the G20 New Delhi summit in September in lead up to World Girls Day Music Festival in October.
  3. Women’s Day Global Benefit. Biggest Give Back Movement in history. March 8, 2024.
  4. Women Aid International Pledge Fund –Launch a $50 Billion Micro-Finance Fund
  5. Invite World’s 750 Mobile Carriers to launch a Global Mobile Campaign to feed the Hungry.
  6. This will spark funding for the Digital Advocacy Fund to invest in Digital Infrastructure to bridge the digital divide. Advancing women’s digital and financial inclusion with usage unlocks an approx. $170 billion mobile market opportunity.
  7. We are the Women of the World Song is ready. Invite world’s female stars to record a music video and Anthem to use for Global Humanitarian Aid and advocacy worldwide.




Women Aid International Pledge Fund – 50 Billion Dollar Micro-Finance Fund

Ignite a united global effort to launch the Women Aid International Pledge Fund to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of women worldwide!

Invite a consortium of investment partners, powerful leaders and Foundation heads to be the founders and directors of this bold initiative. Model the highly successful Grameen America.

Helping women achieve economic independence revived the entire economy of Bangladesh. We can do this. Why are women being starved of financial resources and investment when the world knows they are the most potent force for global economic growth.

Women Move Billions. It is Time to Keep Promises to Women.

Call on G7 leaders to keep their pledge to deliver billions in International Development Aid promised to women. A senior Gender Analyst at the World Bank said they were very inspired by WDL which would help them get Finance Ministers to keep their pledges to women.


Join an ambitious Global Leadership Effort to Champion the rights of women and girls. Let us be the generation that could change the future for women and girls – and did so.


Join us for Women’s Day Live. "I have met Lili Fournier and I am impressed with all that she has achieved thus far. We believe the concert will be an historic occasion and hope that you will join us in giving this event your support"

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Nobel Peace Laureate - Women’s Day Live Patron, of Blessed Memory

Join the Movement to Drive Transformative Change

We fight for what is closest to our hearts. I have committed my life with a fierce urgency to harness the power of global media, celebrity and technology to mobilize a global movement for women’s and girl’s empowerment. I have climbed every mountain since 2006, coming close 4 times to achieving the dream of Women’s Day Live.

We cannot not allow this to be a tragic and heartbreaking moment for our suffering human family without doing everything in our power to help save the future for the world’s women and children. Will you answer the call?

Lili Fournier

Founder, Women’s Day Live


Canada’s investment in women is historic. It’s a Game-Changer!

Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy, placing women and girls at the heart of the International Development agenda is historic. It is a game-changer.

Women's Day Live offers a unique opportunity to take the lead on a bold initiative that can be very effective in mobilizing resources and impacting national and global policy.

Kim Campbell

Former Women's Day Live Co-Chair
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Women’s Day Live will be a true testament to the will of humanity and the power of music to bring people together in a common cause. HELP feed the women and children and the most vulnerable. Let us be the generation that could change the future for the world’s women and girls and did so.