Our mission is to build a multi-year global social action campaign to galvanize unprecedented investment to empower women and girls worldwide. Women’s Day Live will use the power of media, celebrity and technology each year on International Women’s Day to build a sustainable fund-raising platform that keeps giving back to the future.

The "Heart in Action" Global Humanitarian campaign will bring the heartbeat of the world together for the most significant Global Humanitarian Campaign in modern history. It is about people helping people during this severe humanitarian crisis. Never have alternative sources of funding been more critical for relief in the short term.

Join us for a unifying day for humanity. Millions of Global Citizens will stand united, connected and willing to put their heart in action because they care. What will you do?

Non-Profits Face an Unprecedented Challenge

Globe Spanning Transformative Philanthropy

The Benefit Concert will raise funds for charities on the front lines of grassroots global women’s empowerment.

Women’s Day Live will help support and strengthen the major Women’s Grassroots Funds who are devoted to advancing gender equity. The beneficiaries featured on the broadcast will be 6 Funds such as the Global Fund for Women, the MATCH International Women’s Fund, The Canadian Women’s Foundation, The Women’s Funding Network, The African Women’s Development Fund, AWDF, and U.N. Women. Finals to be determined. The Stand up to Cancer Benefit used this model to great success.  The Online platform and 24 hour Telethon will feature more of the world’s leading women and girl’s funds.

A Steering Committee featuring the CEO’S of the major Women’s Grassroots Foundations in the world will help disseminate the funds raised and supervise implementation and impact.


Women’s Day Live offers a new approach to Global Philanthropy
Our goal is to bring a bold and more impactful way to deliver International Aid to women’s grass-roots organizations where it can have the most immediate short and long term impact.

We will build this day into one of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world offering a sustainable ANNUAL fund-raising and GLOBAL ADVOCACY platform that keeps on giving back to the future every year on International Women’s Day.


We have a historic opportunity to invite leaders around the world to also put women and girls at the HEART of their International Development Agenda. By working together we can claim that power.

Marrying the top down power of Women's Day Live concerts and media, global institutions and celebrities with the bottom up power of distributed global networks and small-scale local leaders is what will make this potentially a game-changing day in history.

A Word Bank Senior Gender Analyst said "that they are very inspired by this exciting and bold initiative which would help them enormously in getting Finance Ministers of member world nations to implement promises and funds for gender related issues. He clearly stated that If we work together from the grassroots up, and they work from the top down, we will see change happen".

This powerful base for global advocacy will influence key stakeholders to accelerate investment in women’s social, economic and political participation.

Awakening the Heart of Humanity

We are in the midst of a severe global humanitarian crisis which has hit the most vulnerable half of humanity with exceptional force. Women's Day Live Patron Desmond Tutu invites us to respond with a helping hand.

"Make this humanity's finest hour."


Less than 7% of all philanthropic dollars fund programs specifically for women and girls. Women in the grassroots receive less than 2% of funding. Although education, gender inequality, poverty, violence against women, access to health care, water, technology and equal opportunity have emerged as pressing global issues, funding to tackle them is evidently vastly inadequate.

The Heart in Action campaign will launch on International Women’s Day to trigger unprecedented investment in women’s and girls’ funds globally, and inspire the biggest “give back” day on International Women’s Day. We will take social networking and local activism to a new level.


Our goal is to create the world’s biggest online Shopping Day of the Year on International Women’s Day by galvanizing global brands to support the biggest “World Giving Day" on "Women's Day"  in history. Ali Baba did it with Singles Day in China, making one billion the first year.  It hit a new record this year with 25.3 billion dollars!

The Explosive E-Commerce Opportunity in India and the World can help Fund Education and Women's Empowerment.

Invite major retailers, corporations and governments to give a percentage of revenue on this one day. Women. We have vote power. We have dollar power. We can make this happen.

Innovative Fund-Raising Multi-Platform Initiatives

  • Platform to run multiple campaigns, track progress
  • Searchable directories for sign-ups and to lead events
  • Live 24-hour celebrity telethon—web, broadcast, social media, mobile 
  • Lead NGO Partners will be featured and promoted during telethon

Ceo of Chicago Community Trust
The UN estimates that seven out of ten of the world's hungry are girls or women. When you empower a girl or a woman, she becomes a catalyst, of positive change that lift up everyone around her.

 Who is responsible for this change? You are. I am. We are voters. We make 87 per cent of the purchasing decisions. We have the power of our purse to make sure the companies we buy from treat their employees fairly.

 Don't ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.

See Michelle Obama's Mission to Educate Girls Around the World Film Clip

Our approach is one more of social responsibility and social change philanthropy vs. ‘cause marketing’ as we aim to build long-term commitment that serves as a sustainable program model that can be evaluated and improved over time.