We have this absolutely revolutionary moment in which to harness the power of the world’s legendary stars, global media and technology to open the heart of humanity to help feed hungry children and their families in response to this catastrophic global Humanitarian crisis.

We have an Emmy-award winning team poised to produce the Women’s Day Live Global Benefit Concert (WDL) on March 8, 2025, for an epic International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration to champion women and global economic recovery efforts for women. IWD is wildly popular worldwide. It is celebrated in 150 countries. Thousands of self-created events happen annually.

Women’s Day Live is Live Aid Women. Global engagement. Global connectivity. Local impact. The legendary Louis J. Horvitz (Grammys, Oscars, Live Aid) will direct. Women’s Grassroots Funds, Food Banks, the World Food Programme (WFP) and UN Women are expected to be beneficiaries.

Live Aid was a 16-hour musical event that proved the power of music to bring people together to act for a greater cause. It was one of the biggest and most successful charity events in the world.

We need a miracle now. I am calling on you with a fierce urgency to step up with everything you’ve got to help combat global hunger which is sweeping the world, with a devastating impact on women and children. We have 3 months. We can do this if we start now. Live Aid happened in 3 weeks. Mother’s Day is the back-up. As a human family we are at a decisive turning point. We have the profound power to help change the future for the world’s women and children. See video with Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian campaign will create the biggest Give Back Day in history Given the severity of the global humanitarian crisis, bold action is needed now. We cannot wait. Help us launch innovative globe-spanning philanthropy and a global interactive social networking bonanza to light up the world for our children and show the women of the world that we care. That they matter.

You can help lead the digital revolution in innovation with a vision of the possible future. WDL will ignite unprecedented global connectivity and engagement. The CMO’s team at the GSMA, think the idea of “a global event is fantastic. A stroke of brilliance!The world’s 750 mobile operators can mobilize a powerful global mobile fund-raising campaign to feed the hungry! This is historic. It’s never been done. The Global Mobile Industry’s theme this year is United Impact. See WDL Synopsis


WDL should be ubiquitous, a global cultural phenomenon! A global campfire to share our common humanity which we have not had in a long time, and so desperately need. Live Aid was one of the largest TV broadcasts in history, seen by over 1 billion people in 150 nations. It had 40 simultaneous telethons.

We invite the World’s leading digital music players, the Telecommunications industry and the Entertainment world to work with us to produce a live global mega-shed entertainment extravaganza with a live multi-network global broadcast and a global cross media platform. The CEO of a global media conglomerate expressed interest in our talent line up if he was to commit to a global broadcast. In Canada we expect to do a multi-network broadcast given talent and funding to benefit Food Banks Canada.

A Fund-Raising Platform the Whole World Can Use on International Women’s Day. Festival satellite events can use our branding, merchandizing and fund-raising platform for their Charities worldwide.

Opportunity for sponsorship, fashion shows, e-commerce, merchandizing, live shopping. IWD can become the biggest give back day and biggest shopping day in the world like Alibaba did with Singles Day. ($78 billion dollars in 24 hours). We will invite retailers to give a % of revenue to the Women’s Pledge Fund.

WDL will inspire people worldwide to play music for change and create their own International Women’s Day Music Festival events and telethons for their charities which are facing unprecedented hardships. The Times Group agreed to be our media and production partner for WDL India. See their Bollywood extravaganza. TV Globo expressed an interest in doing a Copacabana concert in the past.

An upbeat Hollywood Telethon will bring the heartbeat of the world together, showcasing Live International Women’s Day Music Festival events happening, inspiring us to give boldly and generously.  When our hearts come together through the power of music, we will forge a strong bond and commitment to ignite a global movement to invest in the future of women, girls and children.

This Live 24-hour Hollywood Telethon will catapult Livestream Shopping onto the world stage, bringing world fashion, culture and music together to lift us up and captivate the world’s imagination with the greatest outpouring of creative expression from women and girls around the world. Celebrate “Her”, the beauty, wisdom and power of women. We will end the global broadcast with the Fashion Week show in Paris, which is live on March 8th! And with a music video of the world’s legendary female stars singing “We are the Women of the World”, like “We are the World” did for global humanitarian aid.

Join the Party of the Century. A world-class team of creative visionaries can help usher in an exciting era of global interactivity and global engagement. Put Your Heart in Action. From Live streams, telethons, to digital homes across all time zones. We have a rare opportunity to energize a series of real-world events in multiple countries, backed by strong public relations and advertising campaigns to help build an sustainable annual platform for innovative globe-spanning philanthropy and national and global advocacy to align women’s voices, power and leadership.

Gutteres said the world is hungering for international co-operation. The former President of the UN Assembly offered to invite all countries to celebrate their nations’ women on IWD. We can open the Broadcast with the International Women’s Day ceremony at the UN Assembly, as well as the White House, and feature Prime Minister Trudeau on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and President Macron in Paris.


“Humanity needs the help right now,” WFP Executive Director David Beasley said. “We need billionaires to step up in a way they’ve never stepped up before.” “I just need a few billion to save millions of lives and save humanity from one of the greatest catastrophes since World War II. It’s not too much to ask”.

World leaders, corporate leaders, and NGOs are invited to join a united global effort to combat global hunger. Otherwise, women, girls and children will be set back a generation or more. We cannot let this happen. It is a race to save lives and livelihoods.

Women’s Day Live offers Unprecedented Global Convening Power.

With the Economic Recovery Failing Women, now is the time to act on gender equality”, states Melinda Gates. Women are experiencing a National and Global emergency, with African American women and minority women being especially hard hit. Women are the most potent force for global economic growth. The world knows this. We have the solutions. Do we have the political will? Do we care enough?

Clearly, using the power of media, technology and celebrity to change the culture is key. This is what started me on a 12-year journey to produce Women’s Day Live. I had produced a 3 Hour special plus Two Hours Live on PBS called Women of Wisdom and Power.  It aired prime time across the country for Women’s History Month. I was astonished at the power of the media to not only effect personal change but societal change.

“Can you imagine the heartbreaking agony of not being able to feed your children? Our human family is teetering over a dangerous precipice. The choices we make now will be remembered by our children and grandchildren, and generations beyond. Did we have the courage to stand up and take right action?" -Lili Fournier


I’ve come to believe all leadership is a matter of heart.

To give women resources to save themselves and their children we have to face the fierce urgency of now. Now is the time to make real the promises made to women. Women’s rights are in danger of being set back to the dark ages.

Now is the time to lift women up from poverty, oppression and violence. As Gandhi said, “poverty is the worst kind of violence”.

Now is the time to fight for freedom and justice for women and make it a reality for all of God's children as the great Martin Luther King echoed.


A Powerful Roadmap from International Women’s Day to Mother’s Day


CALL TO ACTION TO WORLD LEADERS. A BOLD GLOBAL WOMEN’S ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVE. This spectacular all-out celebration and first-of-its-kind immersive global social networking event can mobilize billions in a campaign from March 8th to Mother’s Day. Live Aid eventually raised $127 million which is about $326 million today in famine relief for African nations. The real value was the publicity and the AID it catalyzed from world leaders.

Canada and France take a global leadership role to champion women. Prime Minister Trudeau made a historic investment in women & got G7 leaders to support his Feminist International as did President Macron in 2019. Given the power of a global megaphone, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Macron will call on world leaders to keep promises to put women at the heart of their International Development agenda. This means $ Billions going into the hands of Grassroots Women’s Funds where it will have the greatest impact. Urgent need.

Help galvanize a global movement to launch a bold Global Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative for this momentous global economic recovery effort.

  • Unprecedent Convening power for the biggest Global Humanitarian Campaign in history
  • Produce a pop culture phenomenon. An entertainment spectacle for our shared humanity.
  • Capture the airwaves around the world to champion inclusion, diversity and equality.
  • Star Power. Convene world leaders and iconic performers from around the world.
  • Champion an Equal Future. Win the loyalty of women and girls in America and worldwide

WDL’s innovative new approach to global spanning philanthropy can create a sustainable model of international development which could aggregate billions now and in years to come. I’ve invested my life in this vision to realize this bold Global Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative.

WDL will support UN Women’s ambitious global leadership role in raising historic levels of investment to implement an international Feminist Agenda to accelerate progress for women’s equality. They call on the alliance of business leaders and governments to jointly enact women's economic empowerment initiatives to put girls’ and women’s health, wealth and rights at the center of global economic and social recovery efforts.

Women and Girls are the poorest people on the earth. The disparity between extreme wealth and extreme poverty is the moral issue of our time. It does not seem we value women or children. Amid this economic upheaval the roughly 2,200 billionaires worldwide have grown their wealth by an estimated $2 trillion, the AP noted. The world’s luxury brands are seeing record profits. Given women are the ultimate consumer, and global beauty, fashion & luxury brands are seeing record profits, it would be magnificent to see a united commitment to save the future for the world’s women and children.

In the struggle for gender, racial and economic justice, for diversity and inclusion, and the fight for equal opportunity, which is at its historic apex today, we have an opportunity to ignite the power of the Digital Revolution to take collective action. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

THE SITUATION. We are preparing to engage in an ambitious global effort. Given the timelines we need to have all systems go now. Women’s Day Live is scalable. This is a preliminary low budget.

If you have talent, resources or funds to donate, the time to do it is now. We welcome all people of heart and vision with open arms. We are grateful for your support at this critical moment.




We can ignite the Potential of the Digital Revolution to help achieve the potential of women and girls. The Global Mobile opportunity is breathtaking due to the ability to directly reach and engage with a global audience. We can tap into the reach of global partners & smaller scale leaders to build communities that are passionate about social justice, positive social change and equal opportunity.

This is an inflection point for our culture. Working together we will have unparalleled access to the world of entertainment, technology and culture to herald a new era of progress for the future of humanity. Unless we come together and change the cultural view of the value of women and girls nothing will change.

This is a decisive moment for humanity to stand up for the rights of women.

This means immense capacity to make a profound impact on culture and transformation around the world. As our Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “Let’s make this humanity’s finest hour”.

Join us for this spectacular all-out celebration and the first-of-its-kind global social networking event to unite people around the world in an ambitious global effort to champion the tremendous potential of women and girls and help feed hungry children and their families.


Empower Women. Make Poverty History.



We invite your pioneering vision for impact investing and global systems change that “will unite the Triple Revolution rise of Women, Millennials, and the $60 trillion wealth transfer that will go to 70 percent women — into catapulting capitalism into sustainability.”

It is vital to mobilize new capital from key stakeholders to help drive the cultural, economic and political changes required to make equal opportunity and global gender equality a reality. We need the globe’s biggest economic winners on board to be a foundational partner to drive this initiative. Will you take the lead? In one stroke your BRAND becomes a Global Champion for women and girls.

The opportunity for American leadership and ‘soft power diplomacy’ is unprecedented.

The time for Women’s Day Live has come. The future depends on what we do now.


Lili Fournier.

lili@womensdaylive.com  |  womensdaylive.com  |  lilifournier.com