I am calling on your visionary leadership with the greatest urgency to help our suffering human family. An All-Star line up of Artists join together to open the heart of humanity to respond to this unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis. We have an Emmy-Award Wining team poised to produce the Women’s Day Live Global Multi-Platform Virtual Benefit Concert to help feed hungry children and their families on Father’s Day, the earliest proposed date.

Join us to harness the power of music, celebrity, and technology to galvanize a united global effort to combat hunger which is sweeping the world with catastrophic impact. Women have been hit by a devastating force by COVID 19, especially women of color and minority women. A live Telethon in Hollywood will inspire us to give boldly and generously. People all over the world can join in this ‘global campfire’ to harness the power of music for change, and lend a helping hand.

Women’s Day Live offers innovative globe-spanning philanthropy. The benefit will help fund Feeding America, COVID Relief Funds, and Women’s Grassroots funds.

Women’s day Live is Live Aid Women. The World Food Program estimates that nearly 270 million people will be facing acute hunger and starvation worldwide. Vice President Kamala Harris said “Women are a National Emergency that requires a national solution. Our economy cannot fully recover unless women can participate fully.” Women’s progress is being pushed back a generation. We can not let this happen. Let us use our collective power to call on leaders to put women at the heart of International Development Aid and at the center of Economic recovery efforts. Women are the most potent force for global economic growth. The world knows this. If not now, when?

I am calling on everyone to step up and help. If you have sponsorship and resources to give, talent or money, the time to do it is now.

Can you imagine the heartbreaking agony of not being able to feed your children? Or your loved ones? This is our transformational moment, the revolutionary one where we create a significantly brighter future for the world’s children and its people. Or not. We are calling on all people of vision and heart to step up to the plate like their life depended on it. That means you. And me. Our human family is teetering over a dangerous precipice. The choices we make now will be remembered by our children and grandchildren, and generations beyond. Did we have the courage to take right action?

The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian campaign can deliver the Biggest Give Back Day in the world.

Charities are facing an unprecedented challenge. Live Aid showed the power of music to unite people in a common cause. It was seen all over the world and some 40 nations held simultaneous Telethons. All countries and charities can use our platform to create their own telethons. A live telethon in Hollywood will make an upbeat call to action connecting us all together to give boldly and generously.

Mobile can play a huge role. We opened talks with the GSMA, which represents the Worldwide Mobile Communications Industry. The entire mobile ecosystem of 750 mobile operators worldwide could help mobilize a powerful global mobile fund-raising campaign to help feed the hungry. They agree that the idea of “a global event is fantastic …To use mobile phones for microdonations through a carrier. This is really a stroke of brilliance!” “It could be a ground-breaking event”.

This is a Global Social Networking Bonanza! For this to happen for March: We need to engage all of our teams now to have all systems go. A formal Presentation and Execution Plan must be readied to present to the GSMA leadership team this summer for their decision to support and engage participation from Global Leaders at the MWC.com L.A. event in October to prepare the launch for March.

This is a decisive turning point in world history. Harnessing and building on this unprecedented global connectivity can give us the powerful tools we need to save the pillars of democracy and work together toward an evolutionary leap for mankind. Our future depends on what we do now.


Imagine a live global mega-shed entertainment extravaganza – with performances from International Artists streaming in from around the world. This day is celebrated in over 100 countries and is wildly popular worldwide. It is a national holiday in 35 countries including China, the city of Berlin, et al.

We can make March 8th, 2022 the biggest give back day in the world and the biggest shopping day in the world. Like Alibaba did with Singles Day in China, which grossed about $74 billion this past November. This day became the largest physical retail and online shopping day in the world. A % would be donated to the Benefit.

We can leverage this event for billions more by mobilizing a global campaign to spark unprecedented investment in women. We stand poised at an absolutely revolutionary moment, with a transformational platform, which can harness the power of celebrity and global media to galvanize a bold and exciting Global Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative. The Women’s Pledge Fund, will help unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of women worldwide.

This is LIVE AID WOMEN. GLOBAL REACH. LOCAL IMPACT. Women’s Day Live can deliver a sustainable global fund-raising and global advocacy platform that will keep giving back to the future every year. WDL can become one of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world, every year on International Women’s Day (IWD). Jeff Zucker once said to me, “who doesn’t want a live global mega-shed event that offers global connectivity and global engagement?” This potential alliance with the GSMA can create an incredibly connected universe.

If ever there was a time to use the power of music to bring the heartbeat of the world together to lend a helping hand, to share our common humanity and a new vision of hope for the future, this is it. Live Aid happened in 3 weeks. We can do it with your assistance. Stand with us on the cusp of history.

We are in a race to save lives. Our own as much as other's. Now is the time for bold action.

Women’s Day Live Patron Archbishop Desmond Tutu says “Let’s Make this Humanity’s finest moment.” The future is in our hands.

With warmest regards,

Lili Fournier | lili@womensdaylive.com

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