Save the World's Women & Girls


We have this once in a lifetime opportunity to change the future course of history for the world’s women and girls. I am calling on people of vision and heart with the greatest urgency. Given the tragic and urgent need for Humanitarian Aid around the world, in this unprecedented Global Hunger Crisis, we are poised to produce Women’s Day Live, a live global benefit concert to help feed the hungry.

Two months from now we could capture the airwaves around the world with the sound of music, to honor, celebrate and support the Mother’s of the World. None of us would be here without them. The Women’s Day Live Global Music Festival and Benefit Concert (WDL) for Mother’s Day would take place on May 14th. This date is very significant as it is but never more so than now.

It is right before the G7 Summit on May 19th when the new future economic order will be decided. Alternatively, if we need to buy more time, we can launch the Heart in Action campaign first with a First-of-its-kind Digital Mother’s Day Music Festival, then produce the Global Benefit Concert on Father’s Day,  June 18th.

A riveting Hollywood Benefit Concert and Telethon will harness the power of music, the global media and celebrity to open the heart of humanity to help feed hungry children and their families.

This is Live Aid Women. Global engagement. Global connectivity. Local Impact. Live Aid proved the power of music to unite people for a common cause. Its biggest impact was getting world leaders to give billions of dollars in additional International Development Aid.

Live Aid happened in 3 weeks in 1985! Live Aid was a 16-hour musical event that proved the power of music to bring people together to act for a greater cause. It was one of the biggest and most successful charity events in the world. It had 40 Simultaneous Telethons around the world. WDL will inspire people to play music for change and create virtual concerts/telethons to help their Nation’s Charities which are facing unprecedented hardships. All charities can use our platform and campaigns.

We just heard from the Times Group, the largest media conglomerate in India with the largest English Newspaper in the world, that they are prepared to produce a riveting Bollywood Benefit Concert and Telethon. A Hollywood and Bollywood concert and Telethon would be spectacular!

Imagine the excitement! A live global mega-shed entertainment extravaganza across all global media platforms. Music’s biggest stars will use the power of music to bring the heartbeat of the world together in a global campfire to show we care and to share our common humanity, something we desperately need now.

The legendary Louis J. Horvitz is directing. (Live Aid, Grammys, Golden Globes, The Academy Awards). He’s had his name on this project for years as did our Women’s Day Live Patron of blessed memory, Archbishop Desmond Tutu who said, “make this humanity’s finest hour”.

Let's inspire the world to rise to this moment in history.

The stakes are high. Mika Brzezinski is right when she says when women join forces their momentum can be unstoppable. That time is now. At the Forbes 30/50 Women’s Summit in Dubai held for International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2023, the first Lady of Ukraine joined her and Hillary Clinton to discuss the plight of women and children in this devasting humanitarian crisis. Can’t we hear the women and children crying out?

The future of the world’s women and girls will be decided between May and September of 2023. The G7 leaders meet on May 19th, 2023 in Japan to discuss priorities for the Future Economic Order. The G20 Meets in September in India to ratify its priorities and commitments. Women and children cannot be left out of the picture, which by all accounts they seem to be. We all recognize the immense responsibility of this decisive turning point in world history.

This is our moment of truth as a human family.

We invite the World’s Talent, leading digital Music Players, Corporate Leaders, Technology, Media and Entertainment companies, NGOs and the world’s powerful Economic Players to help lead a united global effort to respond to this catastrophic Global Hunger Crisis. We cannot do this without you. The future of humanity depends on what we do now.

Civilization’s Great Shame.
Where is our Humanity?

Antonio Gutters, the Secretary General of the U.N., said the world is hungering for co-operation. The World Food Bank is begging for funding to save the lives of millions. More than 345 million people are facing hunger or starvation around the world.

The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign

The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign will spark the biggest Giveback Movement in history.

Funds raised directly by us will be disbursed to Feeding America, the World Food Programme and Women’s Grassroots Funds. All Charities and Nations can use our campaigns, branding and platform to raise funds for their cause.

The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign – A Step Up Revolution

WDL offers innovative globe spanning philanthropy. Help Build a Humanitarian Franchise with a Global Footprint to deliver solutions for Global Impact and lasting change.

This Powerful Year Long Humanitarian Campaign continues to the World Girl’s Day Festival and Benefit Concert on October 11th, 2023, for the International Day of the Girl, followed by an epic International Women’s Day Multi-Country Concert for the biggest Global Celebration of Women in history on March 8th, 2024.

This is a defining moment for the WORLD TO CARE for its children and for the International Community to stand by or stand up for its women and girls.



The future of the world’s women and girls is in our hands. The time to act is nowThe G7 leaders meeting in Japan on May 19th, 2023, is focused on priorities for the Future Economic Order. Women’s Day Live will make a Call to Action to World Leaders to put women and children at the heart and center of Global Economic Recovery efforts. Otherwise, women and girls will be set back generations. We cannot let this happen. NOT ON OUR WATCH. As it is tens of millions of girls have fallen into poverty. We are in a race to save lives.

The U.S., the UAE, France, Canada and Japan, as the host nation, can take a global leadership role on the world stage to make this historic commitment. Prime Minister Trudeau and President Macron made a historic investment in women, by putting Women’s Grassroots Funds at the heart of International Development Aid when they hosted the G7 in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Billion were pledged by G7 leaders. The time to deliver on promises to women is now.

We met with Katie Telford, Prime Minister Trudeau’s Chief of Staff who supported the Women’s Day Live Mission. We met with his Excellency, the Ambassador of the UAE, who loved the idea of Dubai being a host city for the Women’s Day Live concert (International Women’s Day) and offered to explore potential investment support, for it and the Women’s Day Live World Expo for women entrepreneurs we proposed for 2025.


THIS IS OUR DEFINING MOMENT AS A HUMAN FAMILY. It is our moral obligation to attend to the world’s women and children.

We stand poised at an absolutely revolutionary moment, with a transformational platform.

This is a moon-shot moment for humanity like going to the moon and back in one generation with a clear Global Target. Our mission is to galvanize a bold Global Women’s Economic Empowerment plan to put the power of resources into women’s hands.

Together we can accelerate unprecedented investment in the education and empowerment of women and girls around the world.

We are in the midst of a devastating Global Humanitarian Crisis where every past wrong has come up to meet us. What we need is ethical visionary leaders who will build powerful alliances to create global change.

We invite the world’s powerful economic players to help make an evolutionary leap for humankind. Now is the time to build a hugely powerful alliance to mobilize a Global campaign to make poverty history by empowering women.

Women are not only the most potent force for global economic growth, and that’s not some idle boast from "The Economist", but they are clearly the backbone to American democracy.

It’s time to do right by the world’s women and children.


Women’s Day Live will help launch the Women Aid International Pledge Fund, a robust Micro-Finance fund to accelerate investment and support for Women Entrepreneurs in America and worldwide. The mission is to scale up social change for real global impact. This would be modeled on Grameen America, which has been highly successful given the visionary leadership of Dr. M. Yunis and Andrea Jung. Micro-financing saved the entire economy of Bangladesh. In 2021 women started 39.9% of businesses in the U.S. with less than half the capital men have. Why is capital being kept from women? Are we worth it yet?

Co-Impact, a global model for collaborative philanthropy is invited to be a core strategic partner to implement and help scale this social systems change. This Billion Dollar Fund was launched with the support of Melinda Gates, Mackenzie Scott, the Rockefeller Foundation, et al. Women’s Day Live would give them a global mega-phone to create global awareness for the cause and to accelerate investment in the fund from powerful economic players. This is a historic opportunity for Foundations to come together in true collaboration to accelerate investment in women and girls and to oversee a strategy that delivers systemic change. Everyone says they want innovation yet when it is presented, I have rarely seen it adopted. It’s time for change. It’s time to keep promises to women.

We invite the leaders in the world of finance to help galvanize a hugely powerful alliance for a united global effort to help implement this bold Global Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative and mobilize a global campaign to make poverty history by empowering women.

Without the world’s powerful economic players at the table, nothing will change. As Gandhi said, “poverty is the worst kind of violence”. This is our defining moment as a human family to finally attend to the shame of civilization. We can no longer turn a blind eye.

The World Bank said they were incredibly inspired by Women’s Day Live. If we worked from the grassroots up and they from the top down, it would help them get Finance Ministers to keep their pledges. Then we could see actual change happen.

Together we can help lead a revolution in Innovation with a new vision of hope for the future.



Mobile will be huge, given the CMO at the GSMA, (the worldwide communications industry) said a global music event is a brilliant idea! The world’s 750 mobile carriers could do a global micro fund-raising campaign to feed the hungry. This is historic. It’s never been done.

We will launch the Global Women’s Digital Advocacy Fund in collaboration. By accelerating digital and financial inclusion, it will unleash socio-economic benefits for women and girls and a $140 billion mobile market opportunity in the next couple of years.

The mobile industry, supported by GSMA’s Connected Society and Connected Women programmes, is calling on global collaboration to bridge the digital divide.

“It’s time to make real strides. We call on governments and organisations worldwide to help us make digital inclusion a genuine priority. Removing barriers to mobile internet adoption will boost economic growth, improve social mobility and gender equality, and transform the lives of millions worldwide.” – Mats Granyard, Director General, GSMA.

Champion the critical leadership role of women in the world today.

I have given my heart and soul to this mission. Viola Davis’s words in the Woman King, ‘somethings are worth fighting for’ really struck a chord. I grew up in a Communist regime where fear and oppression were the daily diet. The ‘us and them’ divide after 9/11 made it abundantly clear what was coming. It was propaganda 101. I determined I had to do whatever it takes to save the future pillars of democracy which I saw were going to be under assault.

I actually made a sacred vow to protect democracy at all costs on any empty Washington Mall, when I flew into Washington on the first flight allowed to fly after 9/11.

I made this lifelong commitment to produce Women’s Day Live because I prophesied this dystopian future and it terrified me. I felt that educated and empowered women were the solution to many of the critical issues facing humanity. I have been fearful and fearless all my life.

I have put it all on the line. I implore you to help save the future course of history for the world’s women and girls. We are at a critical tipping point in our human history. We all need to call on our courage to be fierce defenders of human rights, freedom and democracy. The stakes could not be higher.

We have a world class Emmy Award winning team ready to achieve this ambitious year-long effort. We can build Women’s Day Live and World Girl’s Day Live to become two of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world, one’s that keep giving back to the future every year.

We will build a Global Humanitarian Franchise that offers innovative globe-spanning philanthropy to create a sustainable source of funding. It will result in a global communications network that offers a powerful platform for national and global advocacy to help align women’s voices, power and leadership. A rich legacy that will outlive us all. See WDL Presentation for March 8, 2024. An overview that can apply to now as well.

Women’s Day Live is scalable. We can launch the Heart in Action campaign with a first-of-its-kind Global Digital Mother’s Day Music Festival on Mother’s Day, to give voice and expression to Mothers, and all the people who love and celebrate them. Mark Poncher, our Executive Producer, who just oversaw the Ceremonies at the World Cup in Qatar is an expert in these online summits and festivals, where you have the freedom to beam in from anywhere in the world. This will then be followed by the global Benefit Concert on Father’s Day, to give us more time.

We call on your visionary acumen to help realize this bold and ambitious vision. Investment is needed now for our Emmy-award winning team to have all systems go. Time is of greatest essence.

Join us. Empower Women. Make Poverty History.

“When we join forces, our momentum will be unstoppable”. - Mika BRZEZINSKI

Together we have Enormous Collective Power to Ignite Systemic Change.

Now is the time for all people of good will and conscience to step up with everything they’ve got. For us not to lend a helping hand to our suffering family now would be too heart-breaking.

- Lili FOURNIER, Women's Day Live Founder