Join us for Women’s Day Live ! An Epic Live Global Mega-Shed Entertainment & Humanitarian Event.

This is Live Aid Women. Global connectivity. Global Engagement. Local Impact. Lasting legacy.

The time for Women’s Day Live is now. March 8, 2025. We have less than 4 months to achieve an ambitious global effort. We will launch the Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign for the biggest Give Back Movement in history to deliver urgently needed Humanitarian Aid worldwide. The power of music will open the heart of humanity to help feed hungry children and their families. All countries and charities can play music for change and help raise funds for their cause.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in over 150 countries and is wildly popular all over the world.

Live Aid proved the power of music to bring people together in a common cause. It had 40 simultaneous Telethons. We are calling on the generosity of heart and visionary leadership of the Music Industry with the greatest urgency to use the power of music to bring the heartbeat of the world together in a global campfire to show we care and to share our common humanity, something we desperately need now.

Where is our humanity? Some 25,000 people, including 10,000 children, die from hunger and related causes every day. The scale of the current global hunger crisis is enormous. The WFP estimates 345 million people are facing acute hunger and starvation. We need to respond to this urgent need for help.

This unifying day for humanity will inspire us with a new vision of hope for the future. Benefit: Women’s Grassroots Funds. Feeding America. The World Food Programme. UNICEF. Save the Children.

Step Up. Give Back. Let’s inspire Heart in Action Teams across the world to raise urgently needed funds for these charities or their own. Gen Z and Millennials can make this a social networking take-over.

I dedicated my life to be ready with a plan to be able respond to this devastating global humanitarian crisis which was clearly coming. It is here now on every possible front.

I committed to producing Women’s Day Live, an annual multi-country Benefit concert, to not only celebrate women’s leadership worldwide for an epic International Women’s Day Music Festival, but to mobilize unprecedented investment in women’s economic empowerment. I thought educated and empowered women were the answer to many of the critical issues facing humanity and were going to be the solution to saving the future of democracy.

My mission with Women’s Day Live was to create a sustainable source of funding and to use the immense power of media to build a global communications network for advocacy which would help align women’s voice, power, and leadership. That means global and local impact on culture. Not in the least was to implement a bold and innovative Heart in Action Globe Spanning Humanitarian campaign to help feed the hungry. I did not want to live in a heartless world.

We are much stronger together. We are not going back. If we can come together now, we can be a powerful force in winning the fight for democracy. Our rights, our lives and our future depend on it. I have been fearless on this epic Quest, a journey of a million miles which began on 9/11.

As I saw the towers tumbling on 9/11, I was given a powerful prophetic vision of an existential threat to humanity. I saw this dystopian future coming clear as day and it terrified me. I grew up as a child in communism. This was right out of the totalitarian playbook I knew well. Divide and conquer. Us and Them. I felt the black boots on my back and knew without a doubt that the Fascists were on the March. It was only a question of time when the other shoe would drop. They were coming, without a doubt.

In that instant, I prophesied the rise and threat of Global Antisemitism, the devil that never dies and the assault on women’s rights and freedom. In all, an outright attack on the very pillars of democracy.

I flew to Washington, on the first flight allowed to land. I made a VOW on an empty Washington Mall, in Washington D.C. that I would protect Democracy at all costs. My parents lost their families in Auschwitz and came out alone to a hostile world as teenagers. The second vow was “Never Again”. I meant it.

I’ve been at this full time since 2010. We came close several times. My determination to keep going on this mission was to save the world from the Fascists. We didn’t need to go through another hellish Holocaust. And the Communists. How could the world not see that an unchecked Putin was dangerous. Every one of his encroachments met with no consequences. What did we expect would happen?

What hubris to think I could save the world. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I felt responsible. Who would I be if I knew in my very soul that my visions were true, and knowing it, not even try? It has cost me everything. I wanted to save the future for my children, for all of our children.

I had built a very successful career, a syndication platform that reached millions of TV viewers across the U.S. and Canada with my Quest shows, which took years to achieve. Fame was in the works, and I just walked away from it. I thought this was more important. I have been so committed I should be committed. I am certifiable. Who works for 14 years 24/7 and gives away all their money? I hope my children will forgive me for giving away their inheritance.

On October 7th the other shoe dropped. This was my prophetic and terrifying vision from 9/11 realized. The tragic part is that all my nightmares have come true, and I could not stop them. Still, I made these sacred vows and kept them. The terror, brutality and inhumanity of it, for all concerned. It unleashed a wave of hatred for the Jews worldwide that is just too heart-breaking. It is the Devil that Never Dies.

I said I would be ready with a plan when the other shoe dropped. I am. I have fulfilled my vow. Whether the world sees its merits and chooses to do it is not in my control. Deepak Chopra used to say to me “Lili, let go”. I could not. The fact that I am still standing is a testament to the power of the human spirit to prevail in the face of an existential threat to survival. This is a clash of civilizations. This is a fight for the very soul of America and the very values it stands for.

Women’s Day Live offers an opportunity for global diplomacy that is unprecedented. Nothing could be more important than America’s leadership on the world stage at this dangerous moment in history.

It’s taken outrageous courage to keep believing in this impossible dream made possible. I had to keep going. No matter what. The very future of humanity was and is at stake. We must stand together in a shared resolve. Winning is the only option.

This is our moment of truth as a human family and personally. These times are calling each of us to find out what we are made of. To take a stand. Speak up. Step up. It is my great hope that all of our courageous leaders and cultural icons will come together to inspire the world to rise to this most consequential moment in history.

My first great mentor and champion, Stephen Covey, (7 Habits) used to say, “We have a mighty mission to achieve”. And so, we do. We are all being called to walk a heroic path in a fearless fight for justice, for freedom and democracy. Some things are worth fighting for.

The transformative and healing power of music can bring the world together to find some common ground, most certainly in lending a helping hand to our suffering human family in the most severe global humanitarian crisis in modern history. As Lincoln said, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

The future is in our hands. Let’s turn action into impact. I have tried my best to answer the call. Will you help realize this bold and crucial mission?

My Patron for Women’s Day Live was the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu of blessed memory, who used to send out letters on my behalf for nearly a decade asking for support for Women’s Day Live.

His eyes would light up as he would repeat with confidence, “Let’s make this humanity’s finest hour”.  |

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